2018 Woodward Guideboat

Builder: Christopher Woodward, Saranac Lake, NY
Length: 13’ 6”
Beam: 36”
Weight: 45 lbs.
8 planks per side, Cedar
Red cedar bottom board and sheer planks.
Spruce natural crook stems and ribs.
Red cedar decks.
Spruce cleats and seat frames.
Complete with bow, stern and middle seat with stern and middle seat backrests.
7’ Spruce oars
Spruce paddle
Cedar carry yoke

This boat was newly-built in 2018

1880 Ricketson Guideboat

Adirondack guideboat attributed to E.G. Ricketson (1849 - 1916).

Active builder late 1870s to the mid-1890s.

Paul Smiths and Bloomingdale, NY

(The Adirondack Guideboat Stephen B. Sulavik, (Bahaun Press, 2018) Profiles of Builders, pp. 280 - 284)


No builders plate
Circa 1880
Beam: 36-1/4”
Beveled lap construction, 7 planks per side.
Pine planking and bottom board
Spruce natural crook ribs and stem
2-piece bow deck, 1-piece stern deck with pie-piece shaped deck caps.
Brass sleeved with grommet jack staff holes on both decks.
Bow, stern and middle seat
Cherry seat frames original except stern seat back-rest
Maple oars are not original, not a matched pair.
Yoke most likely original.
Oarlock straps are cast iron.
Stembands are brass.
Planking is in good condition with several old brass "check-menders" repairs.
Interior is original varnish, the exterior has been repainted in the past, green with brown accents.
From Upper St. Regis Lake, Paul Smiths, NY.

Boat is in Good condition, it calls for stripping and refinishing to bring it back to original condition.


Rushton “Saranac Laker”

Rushton “Saranac Laker” circa 1910
Rushton Inc. Canton NY.
Deck has a burnt in builders mark.
Length 16’
Beam 38”
7 planks per side, beveled lap construction.
Cedar planking, pine bottom board
Natural crook ribs, 4” on center
Bow and stern seats are original, cherry frames.
Decks are V-grooved strip decks with mahogany center cover board
Original “fancy” nickle-plated brass oarlock straps.
Original brass stembands.
Original galvanized iron shoes on bottom board.
Cherry gunwales and Cedar sheer planks have been replaced.
Boat has been professionally restored to its original condition in 2019

This boat is in Very Good to Excellent condition.

Oar Locks

Deck & Seat

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